Teeth Whitening

Professional teeth whitening is one of the most affordable and noticeable ways to transform your smile – in just one appointment!


Take Home Bleaching Kit (trays and 6 syringes)

Zoom Laser Teeth Whitening

Zoom Laser Teeth Whitening Plus Take Home Bleaching Kit for touch ups (includes 2 syringes)

Zoom® laser teeth whitening

Zoom is the #1 requested professional whitening brands! Zoom is a bleaching process widely used throughout the country and around the world to lighten discoloration of enamel and dentin. In a little over an hour, your smile can significantly lighten, up to 8 shades lighter!

At Oldsmar Dentistry, you are being treated by a dental professional therefore the process is safe, reliable and hassle free!

Q: Does whitening damage my enamel?

A: No. The bleach is hydrogen peroxide. Think of when you put hydrogen peroxide on a cut, it bubbles and cleans out the dirt from the area. Our teeth are made up of microscopic tubes (tubules) that get full of stain and debris. When the Zoom bleach is used, it acts the same way. The hydrogen peroxide in Zoom is bubbling and cleaning out the stains and debris lodged in the tubes of your enamel. The enamel is therefore not harmed.

Q: Will my teeth get sensitive?

A: Bleaching can cause some temporary sensitivity due to the tubules being all cleaned out. This sensitivity will usually only last a day. If you know that you normally have sensitive teeth, we recommend that you use Sensodyne toothpaste at least 2 weeks prior to your Zoom appointment to minimize the sensitivity.

Take Home Bleaching Kits

A professional take-home whitening kit can easily whiten moderately stained teeth. These whitening kits use either concentrated carbamide peroxide or hydrogen peroxide as the active ingredient. The gels are much more powerful than the whitening gels available from store bought whitening treatments.

For a Take Home Bleaching Kit, we would need to take impressions of your teeth to make custom bleaching trays. You will get 6 syringes of bleaching gel with your trays. We normally recommend you use your trays for about 2 weeks to get desired results.